Laundry room organization ideas

Laundry room organization ideas

DECORSITE The laundry room becomes the room that your house needs to have.

In addition to reducing the impression of a mess, the noise made by the washing machine when turned on makes you need to “hide” in a separate room. Then, what if there is no room left to make a laundry room? Do not worry, with a width of approximately 2 × 2, you can really make a small cubicle to turn clean.

Arranging the laundry room is quite tricky. Especially if our house is not too big, arranging a laundry room is quite challenging. If the wrong arrangement of our homes will feel crowded, uncomfortable, and certainly not pleasing to the eye. Well, in this article DECORSITE provides some interesting ideas for managing laundry space. Let’s take a peek at the tips below.

The layout of Equipment in the Laundry Room

To arrange an efficient laundry room, saving time and energy. You also need to think about where you will put the equipment that will be used, ranging from sorting clothes, washing, drying, and folding clothes. Arrange the layout of your equipment, so that when you wash clothes, you can be free, simple, and the equipment you need is easy for you to reach.

Take advantage of the corner of the room

There are some corners of the room that are still empty and can apparently be used as storage for your washing equipment? If so, you can immediately decorate it and arrange it functionally so that it can be used as a place to store your washing equipment or add a cabinet to store washing machines. Then on the wall mount rack to put other washing equipment. To be beautiful, you can paint the walls in bright colors.

Arrange the washing tool into one place

Quite a lot of things that must be arranged in a laundry room. For that, you need to put an insulated cabinet to store all your washing needs. Ranging from detergents, fabric softener, clothes bleach, clothes brush, iron, and hanger. Make sure the clothes storage area is separate from the washing equipment

In order to organize the laundry room to be more effective, the steps that need to be done are to arrange several items in one place. For example detergent and fabric softener in one container. This method makes it easy for you to find the items needed.

Take advantage of the stand hanger

In the laundry room, you must have a stand hanger. Like the cupboard, the existence of a stand hanger is equipped with a clothes hanger to facilitate you in drying or arranging clothes. Indirectly, you need other laundry equipment such as laundry baskets. Choose both tools that are large and flexible. This will make more storage space to function optimally.

compact laundry to store equipment

Arranging the laundry room in your house below will be appropriate if you have a room that only extends only and there is a compact laundry. The goal is to create a laundry room that will facilitate your activities when washing and the laundry room becomes more organized. You can also use hinges or other fittings to make the ironing table fold into the laundry rack.

Use a covered clothes basket

In arranging laundry rooms at home you also need to need a clothes basket. Use one that is covered enough to protect clothes from dust or exposure to excess light, but also half-open to provide air circulation and mold growth. Provide a laundry basket made of rattan, or woven bamboo to make it look more natural.

Indeed, quite a lot of equipment and objects that must be arranged in a laundry room. Therefore, you need to put a closet in place to store your washing needs. In the cupboard, you can store all your washing and ironing needs. Ranging from detergents, fabric softeners, and deodorizers, clothes bleach, brushes, irons, hangers, etc.

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