Dining Room Color Ideas

“This is a question for me: We like to entertain, but the walls in our dining room look a bit dull. Can you suggest color ideas that can change them and impress our guests? “ DECORSITE – Based on research, about 25% of homeowners feel ashamed of their dull-looking decorations and are hesitant to invite… Continue reading Dining Room Color Ideas

Ideas For Dining Room Design

DECORSITE – In addition to being used as a family dining room, the dining room is also a family gathering place. Appropriate dining room design is a design that can accommodate the needs of residents who use the dining room. The design of the dining room must meet the needs of the user’s room and… Continue reading Ideas For Dining Room Design

Great Kitchen Design Ideas

DECORSITE – Home design must have three main areas needed, namely the living room as a public area, the bedroom as a private area, and the kitchen as a service area. Therefore, the design of these spaces must be considered properly. For the design of a kitchen in particular, what should be considered when designing… Continue reading Great Kitchen Design Ideas

Kitchen paint colors

DECORSITE – The kitchen is one of the best places to spend time at home. Besides cooking everyday food, you can also try new recipes for the first time. Because of its main function, kitchen designs often go unnoticed. In fact, with a beautiful and attractive kitchen can add enthusiasm when cooking. If you feel… Continue reading Kitchen paint colors