Interior Paint Color Ideas

DECORSITE – The color of house paint is one important element in attracting the attention of prospective home buyers for sale. Color can be a complement to the concept that can be a reference in presenting a comfortable residence. One option to display the charm and create the atmosphere you want is to replace the… Continue reading Interior Paint Color Ideas

Interior Design Ideas

DECORSITE – Building a house is not just building. You also have to think about how the arrangement of each space in it. The arrangement will determine whether or not a house is comfortable to leave. Especially for your dream home, spatial planning or interior design is absolutely necessary to create a dream-like residence. It’s… Continue reading Interior Design Ideas

Small Apartment Renovation Ideas

DECORSITE – Living in an apartment is now an option for those who live in big cities. With limited space, they must be smart in utilizing space and making a comfortable apartment. If you are one of them, of course, you need to do a little renovation so that your apartment is in line with… Continue reading Small Apartment Renovation Ideas

French Interior Design Ideas

DECORSITE – The uniqueness of French culture is always interesting to learn. The culture is also reflected in the French interior style which seems artsy and consists of several architectural combinations. French interior design even inspires interior style trends that develop over time. If you like the home interior design that looks elegant and European… Continue reading French Interior Design Ideas

Rustic Modern Interior Design Ideas

DECORSITE – Modern rustic interior design has become increasingly popular in recent years because the rustic interior design combines two things that many people like, simple and modern. But designing a modern rustic interior has its challenges. This design does not look too girly but also does not accentuate the impression of the masculine. Here… Continue reading Rustic Modern Interior Design Ideas

Ideas For Beach House Decor

DECORSITE – Everyone certainly wants to design the house to be the best. Various kinds of home decor from minimalist, modern, or traditional become the choice of various occupants. Each decor will give a different atmosphere and impression, therefore the need for home interior design or decoration because it can provide a pleasant atmosphere in… Continue reading Ideas For Beach House Decor