Bohemian Bedroom Decor Ideas

DECORSITE – Trends in bohemian style bedrooms lately more and more loved by people. From room decor to artsy and unique bohemian-style accessories. Presenting a variety of colors, motifs, and impressed without rules, that’s the typical style of bohemian bedroom decor. Bohemian bedroom style has a very unique uniqueness. As if to break out of… Continue reading Bohemian Bedroom Decor Ideas

Dorm Room Decorating Ideas

DECORSITE – Often, the first attempt to change the decor of a dormitory room occurs when people begin their adult lives in college. This is the time when they have the opportunity to try to decorate their own dorm room. Add enthusiasm for the process. However, decorating your dorm room in the future depends on… Continue reading Dorm Room Decorating Ideas

Scandinavian Bedroom Design Ideas

DECORSITE – Scandinavian bedroom design is one of the most talked-about designs for residential design. Because this design has characteristics that offer simplicity while remaining elegant. You can apply the Scandinavian design on the exterior or interior of your home. If you like simple designs but still elegant, Scandinavian designs can be the right choice… Continue reading Scandinavian Bedroom Design Ideas

1 Bedroom Apartment Design Ideas

DECORSITE – The apartment is one type of dwelling in one building, where the number of dwellings is more than one and we usually call it a flat. However, unlike the old days, in this era, the apartment has a lot of style and design and is no less comfortable than an ordinary house. Well,… Continue reading 1 Bedroom Apartment Design Ideas

Bedroom Paint Color Trends

DECORSITE – As a place to rest and unwind, it’s only natural that the bedroom is decorated with a soothing bedroom paint. Moreover, because the color is full of psychological elements that are directly related to a person’s emotional state, so the selection of the bedroom’s soothing paint colors should get extra attention. Well, soothing… Continue reading Bedroom Paint Color Trends

How to design a master bedroom

DECORSITE – Every room in a house has its own function. This is what underlies the creation of spaces in every home. that function sometimes requires different privacy. One room that has high privacy in every home is the master bedroom. Not everyone can be free to enter the master bedroom, even children or family… Continue reading How to design a master bedroom