Narrow Bathroom Design Ideas

DECORSITE – Starting a project or design a narrow bathroom is not easy. Trying to stick to things that already exist and have been chosen to follow the guidelines is usually the best because it can keep the budget going according to plan. Start by choosing the color scheme that you like. After that, you… Continue reading Narrow Bathroom Design Ideas

Remodeling a small bathroom ideas

DECORSITE – The bathroom is one of the most important parts of the house that requires special care and attention. How not, every day, the bathroom is used with an intensity that is quite often by the occupants of the house. Therefore, care is needed to keep the bathroom clean, comfortable, and fresh looking. Especially… Continue reading Remodeling a small bathroom ideas

Small Bathroom Storage Ideas

DECORSITE – Small bathrooms have unique challenges in terms of storage because of the small size of the room. However, that does not mean you can not have a neat bathroom. There are various creative ways to store toiletries. so the bathroom is still beautiful, neat, and also comfortable to use. Not only serves to… Continue reading Small Bathroom Storage Ideas